Les planches en bois d'olivier rustique de Zerazi : des ustensiles de cuisine écologiques et hygiéniques

Zerazi rustic olive wood chopping boards: ecological and hygienic kitchen utensils

Are you looking for ecological and hygienic kitchen utensils? Zerazi's rustic olive wood chopping boards are for you!

Olive wood is a natural and sustainable material with many advantages for the kitchen. According to a study conducted by Spanish researchers and published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, olive wood is a more hygienic material than beechwood or plastic boards (1). The researchers found that olive wood ustensils had a lower bacterial growth rate than the other materials tested.

In addition, olive wood is also more environmentally friendly than other commonly used kitchen materials. It is sustainably grown and recovered after the olive harvest. It does not require chemical treatment and can be recycled after use.

By using rustic olive wood boards from Zerazi, you are making an ecological and hygienic choice for your kitchen. These planks have a beautiful rustic look, which brings an authentic touch to your kitchen. Moreover, olive wood is a strong and durable material that can be used for cutting and slicing different foods.

If you want to renew your kitchenware or simply equip your kitchen with ecological and hygienic products, don't hesitate to discover Zerazi's rustic olive wood chopping boards. You won't be disappointed!

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