Découvrez les multiples fonctionnalités des planches à tapas et apéritifs en bois d'olivier Zerazi : écologiques, durables et hygiéniques

Discover the multiple functions of Zerazi olive wood tapas and aperitif boards: ecological, durable and hygienic

Olive wood is a natural, ecological and sustainable material that has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean culture. At Zerazi, we are proud to offer a selection of olive wood products, such as our set of 2 tapas and appetizer boards, to bring an elegant and natural touch to your kitchen.

These olive wood tapas and aperitif boards are entirely handmade by experienced craftsmen. Each board measures approximately 33/9cm, the ideal size for serving tapas, cold cuts or cheese. The boards are thick and heavy for stable use on your worktop.

Olive wood is naturally hygienic and stain resistant, making it ideal for culinary applications. It is also extremely durable and can last for years if cared for properly. The boards can be hand washed and oiled regularly to maintain their appearance and extend their life.

These olive wood tapas and aperitif boards have a natural finish, giving them a rustic and authentic look. They are elegant, easy to clean and can be used for both serving and cutting food. Their size is ideal for sharing with friends and family, or for presenting small portions of food at an event or party. Their sleek design and natural finish will complement any kitchen decor.

By buying these olive wood tapas and appetizer boards from Zerazi, you make an ecological and sustainable choice. You also bring a touch of Mediterranean style to your kitchen while enjoying high-quality handmade products. The boards are environmentally friendly and durable, handmade and hygienic, ideal for all types of cooking, serving and cutting.

Order now at zerazi.com and discover the different features of this exceptional product in your kitchen.

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